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MOSHE GOMEZ (graduated from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with Master in Finance and Banking and Master in Marketing), Ec. MELISSA GOMEZ (graduated from ESPOL) and Ec. MARA GOMEZ (graduated from IDE in Management).

If you need professionals in marketing, we can help you.

Quantitative studies comprise a large part of GG's business. This division uses face-to-face and telephone interviews as the primary methodologies for conducting its research studies.

Our extensive experience with many different types of businesses leaves us well-positioned to provide top quality research conducted accurately, professionally and promptly.

Some of the studies that GG has performed are:

+         Brand Equity

+         Brand Health

+       Business Strategy

+       Concept Evaluation

+     Customer Satisfaction

+      Loyalty

+      Market Analysis

+      Market Segmentation

+         Modeling

+         Packaging Evaluation

+      Positioning

+         Price Elasticity

+   Product Tests

+   Usage and Attitudes


The qualitative studies focus essentially on exploring the reasoning behind the answers.  GG´s executive interviews, in-depth interviews and focus groups go into greater depth to give the clients a profound perspective on the issues they face with their target populations. The sessions provide a unique opportunity to have a free exchange of ideas about the product or service being evaluated.

With our experienced moderators and our world-class focus group facility, GG's Qualitative studies provide the clients with key insights into the sample's thought process. These results can have an immediate impact by providing the level of understanding needed in the business decision-making process.





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MOBIL: (593) 9 7 991399

EMAIL: moshegomez@hotmail.com